Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall 2009

We use the Quads alot. We've takin Rick and George out as well as kelly fishing. Jason and I use them for hunting. The other morning I saw the most cool red fox, with a rabit in his mouth. Mom and dad are recovering from their surgeries and still hurt but doingbetter. Uncle Leo passed away. The funeral was in dayton and it was like a big reunion w/ all the cousins. I got a farmeral tractor and plan to have hay rides soon, so all you HON-YAAKERS tell your parents you want to go see papa real soon


I spend most of my time helping. I spend time at my cousin Scot Emery with his house, Caid Richmond with his remodel A house in Jerome for my brother Dallas. I've been hunting alot and so far the deer dont seem to be in any danger. The temple wont let people who are divorced work there which surprises me and bugs me but I guess I must be submissive. So the lord has called me on a mission for the next 2 yrs and it will give me an op. to serve. Montana bought a house in Provo so I'll be able to help him too. Look what Cinnabun woke up to, so we made a snow man for the grand kids. Love and miss u all and I hope to see u for HALLOWEEN. Love grand pa


More pics at the fair

fair 2009

Mel and Montana and the boys came to visit, so we went to the fair in Filer. we really had a great time. Jason, Jen, Cole and the baby went with us. There was so much to do and brought back such memories. I haven't been there for 37 years. So it was a lot of fun for me.

spent memorial day with greg and nancy. Spent some of the day with Greg and nancy and kids

Friday, June 5, 2009

pa pa's ranch

The last few weeks have been eye openers on my self and others. I thank heavenly father for extending his arms , to carry and comfort me. Its been along time that the holy spirit works and talks with me.

Severalthings happen to give me hope but I do miss everyone in the family.When i got here some things on craigs list came available. I found 5 acers in Oakleywith nothing down 250.00 a month. It has water telephone,sewer snakes rockchuckersand a fishing stream going down the in oakley 3 ward at 9;00. Blm land starts at my corner and goes all the way to utah and nev.Still waiting on decition on disability. getting a horse, buffalo, elk calves chicens pheasants ducks dog and hopfully cinnabon,lots work but should be fun. want a big christmas tree in yard with Nancy grapes fruit trees water slidesnow tubing a real grandpa place. ordered signs and bridges. to leave a thought for my grandkids i want them to know pa pa has a special part in his heart for my kids and grandkids.i dont understand what is going on or why but i want to be the best grandfather in helping grand kids have a great relationship with heavenly father,